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11 October 2008 @ 05:37 am

A little reminder.
Actually, more of a large reminder.

I've had to message at least 10 people so far due to their lack of crediting. It is clearly stated in the rules that you must credit if you take and use anything from here. It's an easy rule to follow and a rule that every maker has.


For those who have trouble crediting, this is for you.

Step One: Before saving my graphics, press Ctrl-C to copy the screen name of either the community or my username (cityofwonders or cstardust).

Step Two: After finding the graphic(s) you want to use, right click and choose 'Save Image As...' Press Ctrl-V in the blank space next to the 'File name' (this will paste in what you just copied). Hit 'Save'.

Step Three: Once you're inside your handy userpics page, upload your graphic(s), and as you are doing so, copy the 'File name'. Then insert the name inside this code: <\lj user="FILENAMEHERE">, only without the slash in the beginning. Place this in the 'Comment:' section.

In case you need a visual...

Yay, you now have no excuse for not crediting!

Please understand that I'm not trying to be mean or anything of the kind. I'm just asking that you follow one simple rule - a necessary rule that, by following, shows you respect and appreciate the time and effort I put into my work - which is all for you, anyway.

So, choose to be kind and considerate, and please credit. That's all I ask of you. :)