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City of Wonders

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Graphics by cstardust
Put on your brake lights! You're in the cityofwonders!
This is cstardust's community.

Here you will find all of my graphics; everything from icons to banners,
headers, wallpapers, and anything else I happen to create and/or share,
including music.
Please do not expect this community to be updated daily, or even weekly,
as I not only put a lot of time into my work, but I have an active life as well.
Keep in mind that when I do post things, they will often be in large quantities.
Subjects will mostly be of people I have a strong affinity for, but there will be
other people and things which may simply spark my interest.
I'm always expanding my taste so I can hopefully accommodate
everyone's needs and interests.

{ R U L E S }
• You must credit either cstardust and/or cityofwonders
if you take and use anything.
• Leave a comment stating what you're taking
and/or if you simply have something nice to say.
• Above all else, enjoy!


{ C R E D I T }
Layout: brutal; Profile Layout: ribbonized
Profile Picture: Beth/mirsasha

NOTE: I do not take credit for any of the photos used in my graphics.
The credit fully goes to the photographer(s); all of whom I do not know.

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